In this set of digital prints, I have transcribed a set of pneumatic notations (based on early Medieval notations) onto a circular system of drawings influenced initially by the experimental notations of Roland Kayan in his extraordinary works ‘Galaxis’ and ‘A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound’. Kayan explored what he called the idea of cybernetic music, explaining the idea behind his scores by using the example of throwing stones in the water.  “You get those circles … it’s about the crossings,” he said. And it is similar visual crossings in the intra and interaction between bird species in a dawn chorus that this research seeks to develop. 

The images capture time across the radius of the circle and space around the circumference. In addition to the sixteen bird species in previous pieces, I have included here Swallow, Goldfinch, Blackcap and Treecreeper. I continue to work with notations abstracted from Geoffrey Sample‘s sonograms of field recordings. Geoff’s depth of knowledge is inspirational. The notations were developed in collaboration with Bennett Hogg