17 September 2016 – 3 November 2016

An exhibition of original manuscripts by William and Dorothy Wordsworth
shown alongside those of Matsuo Bashō. This was the first time any
manuscripts by William and Dorothy Wordsworth have been lent to public
institutions in East Asia for over twenty-five years; and it introduced the
work of Dorothy Wordsworth to new audiences in Japan. These
internationally significant manuscripts were shown alongside new work by
contemporary UK and Japanese artists which had been inspired by the
poetry and prose of all three writers. For this show, I collaborated with the
wonderful calligrapher, Naomi Yani of Nara, Japan on a piece which linked
a text from Basho – Twice ravaged mountain which the clouds and dew
nourish with words by Dorothy Wordsworth – Mountains, vale and sea
touched with the clear light of the sun. My five pieces were painted on
Japanese rice paper using Japanese watercolours and remained unframed
(like a scroll).